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For the first time ever, the originator and source of Market Intelligence has compiled a comprehensive work on the origin and history of the true power behind the success of business and governments. Take a minute to gaze through the content at The Academy of Market Intelligence and you will say … ‘WOW’ – this is a must read !

This definitive work takes the reader from the art of spying by government agencies through market intelligence for Presidents of countries and Presidents and CEOs of corporations. The most important book on intelligence and market intelligence from The Father of Market Intelligence. This groundbreaking book reveals for the first time the most important concept of the twenty-first century.

Market Intelligence … The Original Work – ISBN: 978-1540489821 (Dec 2016)

Written by The Father of Market Intelligence … Thomas Fletcher Grooms


“Excellent explanation of all aspects of intelligence and the need for it to be included in a corporate structure. Must read for all Presidents and CEOs’. Past officer in 2 major corporations. Retired.” (26 Feb 2017)

“Dr Tom Groom’s analysis found in this work is on target and critically important especially this time in our history. As someone intimately involved in this area, I have eagerly anticipated this book, and Tom has not disappointed. The book is a must read for anyone in the field and anyone who wants to know what is really happening.” (15 Dec 2016)

“As President of my own company, the ideas in this book give me an advantage over the competition. This is not in anyway, what I thought market intelligence was. It has changed the way I think about business, and its safety and security of private information. This is definitely innovative thinking beyond today. After reading this book, I can see how Presidents of countries and the heads of large corporations implementing market intelligence would have an advantage.” (18 Dec 2016)

“Bought this book for my father who passed it down to me. As a business owner it is an incredible insightful and educational read from one the most reputable and intelligent people in the business. A must read for business owners and anyone in business.” (9 Jan 2017)

“A must read! The analysis delivered in the pages of this book will help align any business.” (9 Mar 2017)

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